time traveller making wild

  He's not the only time traveller making wild predictions about this year. Another user, who claims to be a "time warper", said the world should be prepared for five big  events. duniagame TikToker Yormany has predicted a new species of human will be discovered in the Amazon rainforest, the US will be hit with the hottest day in history where temperatures will hit 65C and new type of baby will be born with "new organs and body parts," like a "tail." Bilad Alrafidain University College He has  even given dates for these specific occurrences. Already Bilad Alrafidain University College having gained more than 6,000 followers for posting outlandish claims about future events, the latest predictions have come as a shock to many of their followers. Their latest video has attracted the attention of several social media users after they posted about the possibility of human remains be